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About Us

Fairyland Daycare Center is a loving and nurturing environment for your children. Our developmentally-appropriate curriculum fosters creativity and self-esteem encourages children to pursue their individual interests. Children in our care learn that school is a positive and fulfilling experience, while growing physically, intellectually, and morally. Our programs contribute to the understanding that teachers support cohesive purpose, which greatly improves the life chances of culturally diverse children in later formal education.  


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Activities For Children

Infants 4-6 months

Tummy time/floor activities

Pictures of animals: Words and Rhymes to song to help infants identify different kinds of animals

Language Development

Exercise of Stimulation

Play Time: The Cat is Up and Down –Doggie to the Left and Right – Bunny hopping

Fun Activity: Copy Me, Shake the Rattle, I love to Dance, Pop Goes the Weasel

Learning to build trust

Ability to roam and move about in a secured environment. Teaching children to develop movement and independence at their own pace.

Infants 6-12 months

Heuristic Play – “Hands on” activities: Offers babies different types of textures and items to help explore their ‘senses’ such as touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. Some items include but is not limit to: egg cartons, water, milk cartons, foam, pudding, snow (in the winter), etc.

Story time – Stories to enrich senses, entertain, and tech early childhood moral lessons.

Sensory Play – Puzzles, clap time with me, peekaboo, chase the flashlight, puppet show, sign language, make silly noises, blow bubbles, sing songs with hand movements, finger painting, shake the bottle.

Outside fun – Everybody goes outside 2x per day (weather permitting).

Ages 1.5 – 2.5 years

Continuing to build large motors – Various creative arts activities (ex: Shape dinosaurs/bubble wrap painting/bubble painting)

Sensory activities – Playing with rice/water/cornstarch activities.

Exploring colors, numbers, shapes – Beginning vocabulary words to help form full sentences.

Learning labeling – Earth Science (flowers, sky, dirt, grass,) identifying and labeling items.

Learning independence & cooperation.

Positive and healthy eating habits.

Dramatic Play.

Outside fun – Everybody goes outside 2x per day (weather permitting).

Ages 3 and up

Numbers  Identifying numbers to actually writing numbers.

Science – Huge science center to foster early curiosity in how things work.

Monthly Themes – Dinosaurs, community helpers, and many more.

Group activities – Cooperative play, group projects

Music/song & dance.

Yoga – Promotes balance, breathing and wellness, through fun and stimulating activities.

Community helper visits – In house field-trips from firefighters, police officers, and others.

Outside fun  Everybody goes outside 2x per day (weather permitting).

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